Standards and Performance

At St Michael’s CE School, we are enormously proud of our children and the progress they make. We have a rigorous assessment cycle to check everyone is on track. Our teachers use this information to challenge and support each child’s development.

Our school performance table is available on the Department for Education website, where it can be compared with other schools.

High Expectations


St. Michael’s CE Primary School Data for 2017 & 2018

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) results 2018

Main areas of learning (% meeting Expected standard or above)

St. Michael’sHaringeyNational
Communication and Language 97%84%

Physical Development 98%90%87%
Personal, Social and Emotional 93%88%85%
Literacy 90%77%73%
Mathematics 93%82%78%
Understanding the World97%87%84%
Expressive Art and Design100%90%87%

Key Stage 1 results 2016 & 2017

St Michael’s School pupils and staff were congratulated by the Minister of State for School Standards Mr. Nick Gibbs for the very high standard of achievement in our phonics screening check in 2016, 2017 and 2018. We are in the top 8 per cent of all primary schools in the country.

St. Michael’s CE Primary School – Phonics Results 2016 – 2018

Phonics Working at the standard 2015 201620172018
St. Michael’s CE Primary N6 97%97%97%100%

St. Michael’s CE Primary School – KS1 SATs Results 2017 & 2018

St Michael’s % Expected and Above standard 2017St Michael’s % Expected and Above standard 2018Haringey % Expected and Above standard 2017Haringey % Expected and Above standard 2018National % Expected and Above standard 2017National % Expected and Above standard 2018

St. Michael’s CE Primary School – KS2 Provisional Results 2018

By the end of Key Stage 2, our children are achieving well above both the local and national average. The progress that our pupils make continues to be exceptionally high.

St Michael’s % Expected standardSt Michael’s
Pupils assessed through the test
% Expected standard
St Michael’s % Higher StandardSt Michael’s
Pupils assessed through the test
% Higher standard
St Michael’s % Greater depth within expected standardHaringey Schools % Expected standardHaringey Schools
% Higher Standard
Haringey Schools %Greater depth within expected standard National
% Expected standard
% Higher Standard
National %Greater depth within expected standard
Reading 95%95%65%65%73%30%75%28%
GPS 95%95%65%65%78%37%78%34%
Writing 97%49%34%32%78%20%
Mathematics 91%91%51%51%75%26%76%24%
Reading writing and maths 86% 33%66%14%64%10%
Science 97%83%83%

The expected standard is a scaled score of 100 or above. A high score is a score of 110 or above. Maximum score 120

KS2 Progress

St. Michael’s
Reading Progress
St. Michael’s
Writing Progress
St. Michael’s
Maths Progress
Reading Progress
Writing Progress
Maths Progress
Top 10% of schools in England
Well Above Average
Top 10% of schools in England
Well Above Average
Top 12% of schools in England
Above Average
The local authority (Haringey) average score for state-funded schools is 0.7The local authority (Haringey) average score for state-funded schools is 1.5 The local authority (Haringey) average score for state-funded schools is 0.8

Click here to access the Government website for school performance tables.

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