• ask our children

All the teachers, children and Tas are all very nice (Bella)

Because of the staff (Isla)
The way we encourage each other (Josh)
Because of all the people in the school (Lamech)
Our school is open to all children and it supports us in our learning (Anya
Being nice
We are kind to each other (Flora)
The staff are always kind to us
It’s a really fun school
Friendly children
Really nice teacher
Being nice
When I hit someone accidently I said sorry and them to the teacher (Farrah)
Taking care of people. Welcome everyone when we are playing
It is very colourful and the playground is very big
Everyone is kind and cheerful. The kids are nice
My friends are kind and the teachers are helpful (Elton)
Everyone is kind and cheerful. The kids are nice
When I first joined the school I felt welcomed and happy (Max C)

The teachers are very friendly (Y1)
The atmosphere is friendly which makes everyone happy and kind (Y6)
I talked to my friend and we were friends again (Y1)
Everyone is kind and cheerful. The kids are nice
Everyone is smiley, happy and welcoming
Everyone is kind to others
Because the teachers are friendly and nice (Sofia)
Because everyone is friendly and can be trusted (Alex)
Friendly people
Kids are friendly (Leila)
Teachers are very friendly (Suma)

A big community (Leila &Suma)
Nice teacher and great community
Team work
Teachers and kids are supportive (Flora)
Recycle and not litter so we don’t pollute the school (Yonas)
Put rubbish in the bin (George)

The back wall in the hall is creative (Flynn)
At playtime we can make up games (Flynn)
Ms Lyons
When teachers help you
When there is lots of art on the walls
Saying “please” & “thank you” – nice manners
Respecting the teachers and all being friends
Everyone is happy and smiley, always very nice to each other (Felix & Grace)
Working as a team and everyone is welcoming (Felix & Grace)
All the teachers are really nice and friendly
Dig it club is very friendly and it teaches us to be friendly to nature
Because of the encouraging teachers (Walter)

Everyone has been friendly to me since Reception (Maya)
We sit together at lunch and we play together at break (Matthew)
We sit in tables and we work together in class (Ellen)
Someone asked me if I wanted to play (Alexander)
I have been kind by asking if someone was ok (Serafina)
By being nice (Aidan & Jayden)
The teachers are very nice

People are nice to me and my friend lets me join in games (Yeva)
I say nice things to make people happy (Francesca)
Because the school is not strict (Thomas)
We find a way to be friends if we have a fall out (Isobel)
The teachers look after the children
We do things together (Cara)
Everyone smiles and friends are always happy (Orlando)
The teachers are really nice to each other (Katherine)
All the friends (Arthur & Sacha)
To make friend (Canon)

Being with my friends (Claudia)
Sport and having fun (Lieke)
All the sharing people do (Oscar)
When we need help, people are there to help (Max)
Be kind to each other
Good teacher are creative (William & Irem)
Making friends and being friendly
I think it is the teacher and the students (Freidrick)
How people behave (Freddie)

There are not very many mean people and we are all polite (Talia)
The staff are always smiling (Hetixhe & Fergus)
We clean up after ourselves and others
The school is creative because it is colourful and everyone is happy and full of imagination
The joyful teacher who always smile and share
Eco friendly school (Ellie & Rosie)
By making friends (Jade)
Helping the people who are hurt (Zinnia)
The teachers are really nice and make the students happy (Eva & Bels)
Everyone is always happy (Peter)
The teacher help with friendship problems a lot and work together to help everyone (Gwen)
We have lots of friendship assemblies and on of our values is friendship (Louise)
Nobody is rude and people always play with you (Yonas)

The teachers are always let new children in the school (George)
My friends are nice to me (Elise)
The teachers help when you’re having difficulties (William)
My friends play with me (Ellen)
My friends play with me (Saskia)
Everyone is always smiling & friendly
Friendly and helpful teachers
Children are very friendly (Nye)

The teachers are nuturing, inspiring, supportive and always smiling (Alice)
Q5. What makes St Michael’s a friendly school
There’s not one person who does have a positive attitude
The teacher and children are really nice (Matteo)
People you can trust (Nye)
Everyone smiles and no one bullies. All the teachers help students. We have a buddy bench and whenever someone is left out, someone plays with them.
Everyone is happy here and other schools like St Michael’s

Everyone really enjoys it and everyone is really kind
Everyone really enjoys it and everyone is really kind
Lots of children are friends with each other
Teachers keep the children safe
Happy teachers
Children are all friendly
Everyone is nice and kind all the time (Holly)
We are polite and have nice manners (Holly)
We do not upset each other (Holly)
We help each other (Holly)

Everyone is nice to each other
Everyone are friends
Playing togther, Group Maths, Sharing, Chatting
We set a good example (Alvaro)
Teachers take their time to teach us and people are kind to each other (Nora & Freddie)
Everyone is very friendly (Murray)
The staff (Milo)
If you are new, we are very welcoming (Emily)
All my friends are kind to me (Simon)

People are nice to me and my brother
We are nice to each other and don’t hit, push or say rude things
If someone was hurt and they cried I would go over and help
Everyone has a friend
We re all kind to one another
The teachers (William)
My friends (Haya)
Partnerships (Sophia Y4)
Paintings on the walls (Rosa Y4)

The school is about friendship and the teachers are friendly
The teachers are kind
The school is not strict
Lots of safety rules (Oscar)
No nuts so no allergies (Rebecca)

Because we have friends (Francesca)
The teachers help you when you are finding things hard
My friends are very nice (Dash)

All smiles
Keeping our school and clean (Dash)
Nice and helpful
Because all the children and teachers are very nice (Georgie & Jasper)
Everyone smiles
KS2 are good role models to KS1 and are very friendly
When you find something difficult friends help you (Ellen)
The teachers and your friends are always there to help you (Romilly)

All teachers are supportive and no one is mean
The teachers are supportive
Kindness Friendship
(Emily & Paris)
The teachers are nice
Lots of people are very kind

Its open to all the the adults and children
You get help when you are hurt
Its very welcoming
Everyone is nice
Its very welcoming
We interact with the public
We help friends (Michael)
Everyone is very nice (Maria)

When you are stuck the teacher comes and helps you ( Emily & Claudia)
We have time to play outside (Arthur, Meta & Benjamin)
We are all friends and like each other
We have the best teachers (Olivia)
We have families at lunch so no one is lonely (Olivia)
We have families at lunch so no one is lonely
The teachers and TAs are really nice (Zoe)

We help people get along (Gaia)
The staff are nice and help us with our work and we have lots of friends who look our for us when we are hurt (Bea & Kitty)
If someone smiles, it spreads and everyone’s friends with each other (Simone)
The friends
The staff
the teachers (Mat)
It’s a church school and doesn’t give harsh punishments (Eleanor & Tom)
The people
The playground
The space and halls (Tabatha & Josh)
Because everyone is friendly and kind (Jake)
Friends are lovely to each other (Rosa)
We say “please” and “thank you” (Marli)
Because someone is always there for you (Alina)
We help each other
It has good teachers
Everyone is kind (Oliver)

No bullying (Lara)
All of the teachers & kids (Nina)
Whenever you are stuck the teacher helps you (Zoe F)
Because there are lots of children and teachers helping each other
There are people who help us learn (Theo)
There are lots of nice children and they keep me company (Darcy)
We raise money for charity by having cake sales
Q5. What makes St Michael’s a friendly school
Fun activities (Hugo)
We encourage each other, especially Y6 and the younger ones
Teachers are teaching children to be nice (Mia)
Our school has a buddy bench which is very friendly (Sascha)
Every year we have an anti-bullying week (Luca)

I help my friends when they are hurt or sad (Ava)
I help others with their work if they have stuck. Working together (Juliet)
We are welcoming to new people
We are anti-bullying (Rafael & Luca)

When children are lonely, they can sit on the buddy bench and others will come over and play (Margaux)
Anti-bullying week (Trixie)
We do something about bullying (Marla)
Everyone is really nice and kind (Jasper)
There are lots of nice people (Noah)
Teacher are really nice
Kids are also really nice to everyone
No one ever lies
Competitions and tournaments
We help the sick and suffering
We raise money for charity by having cake sales
Our community
Everyone gets along
The teachers are nice
People don’t bully each other and we are nice to others who are upset
Our community (Connor)
Nice teachers
Nice grounds
Community is nice
Teachers help when help is needed

We can all work together on school activites, and before and after school clubs which involve working together (Noah)
Art makes the school friendly (Caroline)
Teachers sort out arguments
Teachers are friendly and nice
Students are nice
Teacher are nice and kind
Helpful and caring
Students are nice
Teachers are nice
Because of all the friendly people (Reaman)
By having a lot of people to play with (Luke)
There are a lot of friends and there is a lot of kindness (Luca)
If someone smiles, it spreads and everyone’s friends with each other (Simone)
Lunch time ladies are nice
Everyone shares

Building and rooms look inviting
The teachers are nice, the community is great and so we are all friends and happy
It isn’t about 1 person
Everyone smiles
Adults make you happy
Everyone says “Hello”
We do things with other schools
We don’t have selfish or bad teachers – we have nice teachers
We are happy here

Because I have lots of friends
Because everyone is friendly
Our community (Sissy)
All the kids don’t argue (Mikey)
All the staff members work well within the kids (Grace)
Everyone is kind to each other and not is treated differently (Thabang)
Everyone has a friend and is nice
Teachers and pupils smile at you
Teachers care about your health and pastoral care (Lucy & Angelina
Everyone is encouraged in all that they do (Lucy & Angelina)

Teachers are friendly and so are our friends (Louisa)
We look out for each other
Teachers are really helpful, kind and caring (Ali)
Nice people
Nice working atmosphere
Not to strict
We have good clubs
Fun lessons
Nice teachers
Funny people
Friendship (Ella)
The pupils (Alice)
I think it’s the teachers that make it a friendly school (Ciara)

All the children make it a friendly school (Alice)
We welcome new children and teachers
If someone doesn’t have anyone to play with we play with them
Smiling at your friends (Cassius)
Everyone is very friendly, so they can make friends with people the haven’t met really quickly (Matilda)

We are all friends and go to a good school (Lolly)
Because we don’t have any bullies and lots of friends (Esther & Laila)
The teachers are super kind (Oscar)
All the teachers / staff are welcoming (Rosie)
Friendly children, teachers, lunch people (Amelia & Gretel)

It’s a very open school (Josie & Claudia)
Everyone is always smiling (Kyra)
People always hold the doors open for others (Ava)
We have friendly classmates
Staff are friendly
The school gives everyone a positive attitude
The exciting lessons makes us happy and friendly
Everyone is cheerful (Lydia)
All years are friends and play together
All work together
Everyone is happy and look after each other

The staff are very understanding
People are friendly and always playing with you
We are friendly by the way we make good friends (Miles)
We do not have bullies in our school (Stanley & Isla )
We can make friends all the time (buddy bench) (Liam)
There are a lot of kind people (Mehrub)
All the children are really nice and its easy to make friends (Jonathan)
When I won a prize at the Ned Show
When I was in Reception with my friends because it was fun

Making chocolate because it was tasty
Reading in my class assembly because it was exciting
Going to the cinema because it was fun and we ate popcorn
Playing with my best friends
I like art because you can express your feelings
Playtime and being with my friends
Doing art because I love drawing (Rebecca)

Flatford (Hugo)
Showing my work to Mr Randall (Theo)
Getting out playpod items as you can make things (Haya)
Getting my maths questions right (William)
Helping friends
Santa Competition
Playing with Azan

Doing Art and PE
Helping someone with maths who didn’t know what to do
Playtime because you get to do what you want
When I won “Best Girl” because I was proud
Winning the fun run (Ellie)
Winning the fun run (Soro)
Sitting with a Y6 because I was Y1 and hadn’t done that before
When we surprised Mr Stoker by singing “Bills” randomly when Ms Candy was learning because it was very funny
When I got a pen licence (Oscar)
When I can 6/7 in the fun run (Max)

When I got a pen licence
When I won house points (Murray)
When I drew imaginary (Emily)
When I got a pen licence (Talia)
Winning the dojos in a row (Sonny)
Ball games, because it is fun
When I play with my friends
Playing on the climbing frame, I like going on the slide
Nativity (Damian)
Joined up handwriting (Felix)

Nativity because it was fun (Maya)
Meeting Zeke because he is my best friend (Fred)
Pyjama day (Anna)
Book Day (Eliza)
When Isobel came to the school (Gaia)
When Gaia was the first girl in the class to be school council (Isobel)
Sporting events – its fun play as a team (Alice)
Running because I get energy (CJ)
Sports (Marko)
Playing with my friends (Isla)
Doing the panto and the camp out (Stanley)
When I got a sticker
When we went on a class trip to the park
Winning in the Y1 fun run (Matthew)
Coming 2nd in the relay race (Ellen)
Pirate Day because it was fun (Rosa)
Flatford because it was fun and exciting
Learning to do joined up writing (Ciara)

When I got my pen licence (Alice)
When I became school council (Michael)
When I was chosen to draw a picture (Aaron)
When I went to the Tower of London (Thomas)
When I won house points (Reamann)
When I wrote a prayer and playtime (Yeva)
Scoring 1st goal (Clara)

Playing football in Y3 against a different school (Luke)
When we got to dress up in Y1. (William)
Flatford (Nina)
Pirate Day (Zoe)
In Y4 we did dragon Jousting and I really enjoyed it (Bella)
I like drawing and painting animals in art (Athena)
When we went to the Tower of London (Fergus)
Going to Flatford (Hatty)
When Miss Batham complemented my work in art (Tom)

When I got my pen licence (Eleanor)
When I passed the exam for QE Boys’ (Oscar)
Going to America and seeing the White House (Riley)
Being a Playpal (Edward)
Going to America and seeing the White House (Riley)
Family assembly (George)
Spelling test (Oscar Y2)
Spaghetti challenge (Rosie)
Exploring and finding animal because I found them all (Lydia)
Athletics because I had fun (Linne)
Moving to the Juniors (Peter)
Flatford (Lucia)
1st ever dojo (Mia)

When I got my pen licence (Darcy)
Being in the first school council
I played violin in assembly (Margaux)
Organised a back yard sale (Y6)
Doing maths by myself because it felt good (Y1)
I liked swimming (Maya)
I was proud of my Y3 art (Walter)
1st dojo (Marcus)
Getting my pen licence (Lily)
Playing football (Alex B)
Playing Mindcraft Jail (Louis)

Class party (Nye)
When I won 1st prize for a story competition (Gwen)

When I won the skipping race (Lolly)
When I got a pen licence (Dominic)
When I moved to KS2 (Zinnia)
When I did my 1st art lesson
Getting my pen licence (Abby)
Coming 3rd in the fun run and winning the football (Daniel)
Playing dodge ball because it is my favourite
Counting to 100 in maths (Oliver)
Old Folks Show, because it was fun playing different characters (Kieran)
Using your imagination (Lui)
Old Folks Show (Kieran)
Playing with my friends on the climbing frame
Scoring goals
Playtimes (Noah)
Of all the good writing I have done and working together (Matteo & Julian)

Sack race (Jemima)
Winning the raffle (Yvan)
On my first day I did nice work (Farrah)
When I got Miss Gittens as a teacher
St Michael’s Got Talent
Playing drums in assembly, it was my 1st time playing in front of people (Max C)
Being a wasp and singing. (Elton)
Class parties and playing with friend
Coming 16th in fun run because I I almost won(Albert)
Coming 1st in the fun run because I felt happy (Alexander)
Won 2 fun runs and it made me happy

Doing 1st assembly made me proud
Doing phonics because I was happy (Angelina)
Pirate Day in Y2 because it was lots of fun (Lucy)
Snowflake maths question (Louisa)
Maths question which I solved (Ali)
Flatford (Lauren)
Jonathon Trigg (Simone)
Growing flowers in Waterlow Park (Claudia)
Flatford (Josie)
Playing on the new climbing frame (Maddie)
Playing the piano for the school choir because I love to play (Theo)
When I won at playing “stuck in the mud” (Sam)
Athletics because I think we did really well and did our best running)
When I made spears (Noah)
When I got 20 dojos (Jasper)
When I moved into Y2 (Cassius)
When I came to Y3 (Alfie)

When we were shooting Mr & Mrs Most (Catherine)
When I did the Nativity (Orlando)
Christmas Lunch
Party in Y1 because we did dancing (Ella)
When I am drawing (Suma)
Watching Pingu because its fun (Elise)
Playing (Saskia)
I like computer (Ellen)
Pen licence and coming 3rd in the fun run (Oliver)
Medieval Banquet (Lara)
I like writing (Olivia)
Running in the fun run (Friedrich)
Meeting my friend (Freddie)
When I won in the football fun day (Michael)
When I won sports day by balancing a ball on a tennis racket (Luke)

Doing a whole day of art (Ava)
Playtime on the climbing frame
When we worked on a maths Christmas investigation and we worked it out 1st (Juliet)
Playpals at lunch time
Flatford in Y4
ICT playing kodu and making a smofi
My best writing
Learning piano (Heidi)
Pen Licence (Mia)
Sports day (Noah)
Pyjama day (Caroline)
When I played recorder on stage (Luca)
Winning the fun run (Peter)
Playpals at lunch time
Finishing 4km cross country (Aksel)
When I went to Mrs Parkers office for good work (Zoe)

Laps uphill, around the carpark and back down
When I went to Flatford (Jonathan)
When I took prisoner writing and it went up on Mrs Parker’s wall (Marli)
When I came 2nd in a race (Alina)
Doing amazing writing because I got a gold star for it (Michael)
Coming 1st in the fun run because it was my 1st time running (Amira)
PE and the climbing fram (George)
Maths everyday, because I enjoy it
Going to the playground and played with my friends (Maya)
Playing the the playground because I took my time (Elton)
Playing rugby match (Jack)

In a maths lesson when I got questions right
In art, it was my best lesson
Starting in Y3 (Bella)
At the end of Y3 when I got my pen licence (Anya)
Going to Flatford and the Easter raffle
When I was chosen for school council (Ava)
When I got my pen licence (Kyra)
When I climbed the top of the green hoops (Daniel)
Handwriting and Maths (Alexander)
When I went to St Paul’s Cathedral (Sascha)
When I went to the Tower of London (Luca)
Performing in the “Old “Folks Show” (Karolina)
When Santa came and brought gifts (Carmen)
When we made towers out of spaghetti and marshmellows (Noe)

Making art (Y2)
My 1st English lesson because they were really fun (Romilly)
When I got a trophy (Flynn)

When I spelt a tricky word on my own (Giorgio)
Lunchtime because the food is nice
Y1 assembly because it made me happy to do it
St Michael’s Got Talent
Winning the house points
My 1st day at St Michaels
Competing in ST Michaels Got Talent (2016)
The Nativity (Rafael)
When we did the Easter Service

Drawing portraits and when it went on the board, because I felt like it did something good
Going on Sparkly and starting at this school (Molly)
Going to Flatford – went on adventures (Hansika)
Playing on a climbing frame with friends
Going into Y3
Christmas Party because it was fun
Assembly with Mr Trigg when I got a certificate
When we had a Christmas Party
When we won a trophy
When I 1st joined St Michaels (Sofia)
Flatford – being with friends and away from home (Alex)
Of my writing and trying hard to improve it (Amelie & Jonny Y1)
Proud of my prayer idea I thought of (Panagiota Y1)

Helped stop a fight and saved someone being hurt (Simon)
My 1st day at St Michaels as it way one of my 1st day in England (Liam)
I usually get Bs, but this time I got an A+ and nearly got my pen licence (Eva)
When I got my pen licence (Bels)
When I was leaving Y2 (Mala)
When someone said a weird answer and everyone laughed for 1 min (Trixy)
When we did mammal trapping in Flatford
When I came 2nd in the sprint
The front of my flipbook last Thursday (Alice)

Art (Ella)
The day I wrote more then 1 page (Charlie)
When I came 2nd in the fun run (Henry)
When I was in Y1 playing with Freddie and we played cops and robbers (Mikey)
In Y4 when we were playing back to back spellings (Grace)
When I wrote 7 pages
When I had my best handwriting
When I went to Mrs Gallagher to show her my work on my birthday
Making Karl Bot in Y5 because it was fun working together (Leila)
When I won an award (Phoebie)
Making Karl Bot for the whole day because it was fun (William T)
English cautionary tale (Sissy)
At the school night (Claudia)
At the school night (Canon)
When I leaned how to do maths (Louise)
I was in an argument and I talked it out (Noah)
I got a question wrong and I went back an did it right (Jasper)

Listening and staying on task (Canon)
When I threw a ball in somebody’s face. I said sorry I cleaned it up (Hana)
Playing with friends (Claudia)

I upset my best friend. I made a card for them (Hugo)
Shouting out I said sorry because it was wrong (Alexander)
I teased my friend Then I gave her 5 tic tacs (Grace)
I stole some of my sister’s sweets. I gave her some of my sweets to say sorry (Yasmin)
I let Henry join our game of Spies (Mathew)
I was in an argument and I talked
I got a question wrong and I went back and did it right (Jasper)
I let Gaia read the book I wanted. I read another book (Ellen)

I played on my iPad instead of doing my homework. I then did homework for the rest of the day (Max)
I missed two days Cello practise. I then did double practise of Cello to make up (Milo)

I upset my friend. I made it better by leaving her alone I then gave her a hug and said sorry (Yeva)
I did something bad, I apologised (Theo)

When I broke my sisters pencil I gave her my pen
When I told a joke to my friend but he was really sensitive. I gave him a book he always wanted (Daniel)
I talked about it (Ellie)
I wrote a ‘sorry’ letter (Ciara)

I told my brother not to shout. We had a few minutes of silence (Mioh)
When I forgot something I brought it in the next day (Alice)
I waited for my sister so she could give back my toy (Noah)
Playpal tidy up I did not do it well. The next time I did it, I did it without mucking about (Lamech)
We let them join in our game (Luke and Cara)
When I hurt my friend I said Sorry (Georgia)
When I was a bit harsh to my friend and I tried to say sorry but she kept running away. I told an adult (Eleanor)
I promised I would never do it again (Marli)

I checked my work again (Alina)
I made my friend better after I hurt him (Damian)
I said I am very Sorry and I would never do it again (Matilda)

I helped them to answer to a few maths questions and said sorry (Friedrich)
When I accidentally kicked someone I said sorry and took them to medical (Luke)

I upset my BFF I said sorry and invited her around my house to play. We are now BFF again (Margueax)
When I upset someone I told a joke to make them laugh (Michael)
I said sorry and shook hands (Sacha)

I apologised and asked if he wanted a teacher (Arthur)
I forgave them (Josh)
I fixed the object that I broke (Flora)
I solved it by deciding to play nice
I asked the teacher for help (Anna)
I solved it by talking with my friend and trying to stay friends
If you see something on the floor you pick it up and put it away (Talia)

Keep your cloak room tidy (Aidan)
Tidy the play pod (Jaspar)

Pick up litter and keep the cloak room tidy (Lauren)
I go to dig it club and grow colourful flowers which makes our school look beautiful (Margaux)
I tided the cloak room so we can get extra points (Darcy)
We plant trees
It is creative because here are lots of creative clubs (Kyra)
Put rubbish away
Grow Plants
I make sure I keep my shoes clean (Jasper)
I think it is creative because you create your own stories on big writers (Noah)
Because of the idea of play-pals and fun lessons which include games
Gardening and helping plants to grow

Put rubbish in the bin (Sonny)
Tidying up the play pod (Noah)
The teachers make the lessons creative
I make artwork to put on the boards to make the school look nice (Alice)

I do not litter (Flo)
Tidy the classroom (Kyra)
I do art work (Milo)

Art work (Ella)
We have eco-warriors and do not litter
We are eco-friendly
I do not drop food on the floor (Marcus)

Give back lost property if I see a name on it (Cassius)
I clean the tables when they are messy (Zoe)
Keep the grounds green
We raise money to make the school better
All ideas like panto and St Michael’s Got Talent (Arthur & Sacha)
Creative teachers (Henry)
As a school we do lots of art
Self-portrait displays make the school pretty (Serafina)
The variety of people who have different personalities (Luke & Michael)
When we did the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge (Sascha)

Going to dance club after school (Panagiota)
Class projects (Jonny)
We learn in different ways (Max C)

Always hang up my bags and if others have fallen down – to hang them up also (Ava)
Maths and English is creative

Colourful displays around the school
Maths and English is creative
After school clubs are creative (Amelie)

The play pod
We have science experience
We have lots of sporting events
Because everyone is creative and everyone believes in themselves (Noah & Mioh)
When I went swimming in the shallow end it was quite deep so I used all the things I learnt to help me swim (Grace)
When I get a lot of homework I complete the rest in the mornings (Yasmin)
Practicing my work when I do not understand it (Eva)
Determined to practice my spelling more (Bels)

Practicing to improve my handwriting (Noah)
Trying my best for the English test (Jasper)
Practicing a lot to get my fountain pen license (Ava)
Practicing my lines for the Nativity play in my spare time at home (Kyra)
Never giving up on a friend (Marli)

Asking someone to help me (Alina)
Finding it hard to make friends when I first joined the school but after being nice to everyone I made a lot of friends (Sascha)
I found the fun run difficult but I kept on going (Luca)
Making new friends after my best friend left the school in year 2 (Margaux)
When I first came to the school I felt very shy, but then I made friends (Darcy)

Putting my hand up in class
When my sister left the school I cried (Nina)
Learning the time
I cried (Zoe)
When I started fencing I found it hard but I continued (Hugo)
Finding questions hard on a test (Theo)

Writing a story (Millie)
When I had a fight with one of my friends (Thabang)
Trying to get on the monkey bars (Cassius)
When I had a fight with one of my friends (Thabang)
We did hard math’s test and story writing but we just kept going
Falling off the climbing frame (Matilda)

My teacher and friends helped me when I was having trouble learning my times tables (Phoebie)
The teacher helped me and my friends become friends again after a fall out (Caroline)
When I had a fight with one of my friends (Thabang)
When people are not nice to me (David)
Finding sums in the maths test hard (Murray)
The times table test (Emily)

When I find it difficult to think quickly (Y6)
I find it difficult to hear sometimes (Y1)
Finding it hard to complete sums (Louis)
When I forgot my plans for the story I made up new plans (Joseph)
Someone threw leaves at my face and I ignored them (Sissy)
I made another game and everybody joined Dominic
When I broke my arm it was hard to write so my teacher and friend helped me
Fell out with friends (Gretel)
Going back to questions I find hard in math’s (Authur)
Finding it hard to spell
When I find it hard to read my dad will help me and tell me the meaning of the word

Finding another method when I couldn’t understand long division (Y6)
When finding it hard to focus during class (Elton)
When I had to ask the teacher to help me with division (Max)
When I accidently hit someone with a toy, I told the teacher and said sorry (Julian)
When I hurt someone on the climbing frame
When I put the numbers in the wrong order I had to fix them (Sofia)

When I went up the hill and had to come down (Alex)
When I had a argument with a friend (Max C)
When my friend said sorry to me (Elton)

I was playing with another classes football for a long time (Liam)
The time I was running so fast and couldn’t stop so my friend put his hand out to slow me down (Simon)
When my friend said sorry (Miles)
When I had to say sorry to a friend (Alvaro)
Playing with my friends (William)

Finding it hard to solve math problems
When I had to say sorry to a friend
Correcting my wrong spelling (Mia)
When I told my friend that I did not need his help, but I said it in the wrong way and he got upset
I upset my friend but later in the day we realized it was a misunderstanding and made up (Grace)
Called out in classed and didn’t do it again
Never done anything in this school but if I did I would say sorry or not do it again (Joel)
If I do something bad I make sure that I done do it again (Anna)
When I had to learn my lines for Waterlow Park play I practiced a lot (Luke)
I found long division hard until I asked for the teachers help
When doing Jungle Book big write I found it hard because we had to do two pages (Mikey)

I find history hard sometimes (Francesca)
When people are being rude it is hard to explain (Yeva)
History is a bit hard (Serafina)
Art class is a bit hard (Alexander)

Determined to practice my spelling more (Bels)
My first day an St Michael’s was hard to make friends
Saying sorry and I tried to put things right

I trick my friends when we play ‘it’ (Fred)
When my friend was sick I played with second best friend (Maya)
The first time I did fractions it was hard, so I asked my partner to help me (Thomas)
Practicing handwriting with my parents (Louisa)
When I had to dress up as an explorer but in the end I found new clothes to wear (Angelina)

Use to find maths hard but I kept working on it and got better (Lucy)
When people are being rude it is hard to explain (Yeva)
Finding something hard and practicing
When people are being rude it is hard to explain (Yeva)
Falling out with a friend (Noah)
Trying to understand a lesson and then understanding it (Caroline)
Apologizing to someone
Tidying up for my friends when they leave toys out at lunch time (Dash)
Home work (Eliza)
Working through my very first test (Leila)

Remembering how to spell words for my spelling test (Suria)
I found measuring in maths hard (Alex)
I found the spelling test hard when we was doing the IGH spellings (Giorgio)
I find writing the SH sounds hard because I write them wrong (Flynn)

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