Nursery Easter Bonnet Parade

Nursery classes have had a wonderful tme partcipatng in their frst St Michael’s Easter Bonnet Parade. Year 6 and our families came to watch and cheer as we displayed our beautfully decorated bonnets. In the lead up to Easter we have been looking at all the new life that has sprung up around us, adding ‘shoots’, ‘buds’ and ‘frogspawn’ to our ever expanding vocabularies.

Safety—Closing of School Gates

To keep our school secure and with the safety of the children in mind, the school gates will no longer be left opened before and after school. We ask that you leave the school grounds promptly after drop of and pick up to enable us to lock gates ready for the lessons to begin and to secure the school at the end of the day.

Before School

Clubs— starting Monday 24th April children are to wait accompanied in the top playground. Club leaders will collect the children at 8am promptly to start their clubs.

Breakfast Club— a member of staff will collect children between 7.45-8am from the top playground. Please wait with your child by the pedestrian gate.

If you arrive at the school after your child’s club starts, you will be able to gain access to the school by buzzing the school office, which opens at 8am.

Afer School

Afer school the gates will be locked at 3:50pm. Some members of staff have found adults in the buildings after 3:30pm. Please do not ask a child to open the doors to let you in. We are teaching our children to keep themselves safe and rules at school help them to understand how to keep themselves safe outside and at home.



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